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Ujjwal, Senior Manager Marketing, EigenUjjwal, Senior Manager Marketing
It’s impressive to see how the whole world comes together in fighting the Covid war so to speak. Industries are experiencing a major shift in operations, processes, and technology, as the new norm changes across the globe. Eigen was established as a precision metal stamping unit in 2006, and since then we have never looked back as we become one of the most reputed and preferred metal stamping providers across the globe. Over the years, we excelled in the industry and are the very few privileged manufacturers with AS 9100 D, ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 Certification. As a renowned metal stamping supplier, we are excited to share some of our specialties, services, and solutions.

Our Specialty in Metal Stamping

We specialize on the international market in design, development, and manufacturing of high speed stamping progressive tools, plastic injection molds, precision metal stamping, prototype tools, electroplating, and the likes. We manufacture close tolerance precision stamped components, plastic injection molded parts, and the subassemblies for our clients in India, Europe, and USA.

We manufacture close tolerance precision stamped components, plastic injection molded parts, and the subassemblies for our clients in India, Europe, and USA

Tooling: We have an in-house tool room and are experienced in designing and manufacturing complex press tool profiles with 45 stages, and are capable of designing even more complex tooling. Renowned to be one of the forerunners in progressive tooling, we make the best use of mechanical and computing technology to drive efficient results for our clients.

Design and Engineering: Our engineering team is equipped with the latest tools and technology for design and engineering. We specialize in using AutoCAD with Die maker, CAD key, Unigraphics 7.5 NX Die Wizards, and also provide a wide range of services such as manufacturability analysis, consulting services, cost reduction analysis, design assistance, prototype development, and the likes.

• Precision Metal Stamping: We are equipped with the latest and technologically advanced press machines and assembly lines. Our metal stamping presses include manual, progressive and also robotic lines. Eigen is equipped with State-of-the-art press shop with presses ranging from 15T to 200T capacity and supplementary mechanical presses.

Some of the brands we use for presses are AIDA, Amada, Ingyu, and the likes. We are capable of processing ferrous and non-ferrous material from 0.002” or 0.05mm and lower to 0.190” or 5mm. Precision stamping services such as single-stage, progressive, high speed, and robotic transfer are handled by our teams every day. Eigen is equipped to produce over 500 million components per annum. We use high quality tools such as wire EDM to cut parts in order to keep the production costs low for our clients.

  • We use high quality tools such as wire EDM to cut parts in order to keep the production costs low for our clients

Assembly and Sub-assembly: We offer end to end solutions for your mechanical, electro-mechanical, and sub-assembly needs. Our mechanical and sub-assembly encompasses a wide range of services to cater to your specific product or component requirements. We also offer supply chain management services for mechanical components and these include testing final products, packing and then shipping to the desired address. Industries such as aerospace, electrical & electronics, defense, and automobile rely heavily on us to handle this requirement.

• Plating: At Eigen, we provide an extensive range of barrel plating services. We offer electroplating techniques such as barrel plating services for a variety of precious and non-precious metals including: copper, nickel, tin, and silver, you can rely on our years of experience and the use of the latest process in achieving efficiency. We have established automated barrel plating assembly line designed to your specifications to suit your requirements

Quality Assurance in Every Step

At Eigen, we understand the importance to stay attuned with the latest industry standards and certifications for the same. We use some of the best technology, processes, and experienced manpower to commit to the top notch quality in every step of the way. We have been successful in maintaining high standards for years, and have been honored with numerous quality management system certifications. We strictly adhere to industry specific standards and requirements and so our clients rely on us as top quality suppliers. Eigen uses latest technology and a highly skilled manpower to be on a constant chase towards perfection and meeting stringent quality control, and this sets us apart from the rest.

From a manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India, we are serving our global clientele for the past 14 years. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with all the latest computing systems to incorporate efficient precision stamping and other such requirements. Our long list of global clientele is evidence of our top notch services. Every day we handle complex tasks from industries such as aerospace, automobile, electrical and electronics, industrial engineering, defense, and so on. Eigen team goes through regular and arduous training to keep pace with the ever changing and dynamic metal stamping industry. We operate 3 shifts a day and 6 days working a week. Our team consists of over 250 highly skilled and experienced individuals who are guided by our mission to be a reliable and preferred global metal stamping solutions partner.
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